Worm gear and worm shaft

San min gears Bronze/zinc  worm gear and metal worm Best supplier

Because the proportion of copper zinc alloy is only 60%, and with much lower prices compared to copper alloy and zinc as the main elements, greatly reducing the weight of the use and cost of products. As a fragile material with excellent wear, wear resistance, has excellent anti wear, with a ratio of copper alloy on its. In order to improve the mechanical transmission parts of life, keep machining precision. To extend the maintenance cycle, improve production efficiency. The affinity of lubricating oil, and the heat transfer rate is very high, fast heat dissipation, good seizure resistance. To maintain the low temperature, anti-seizure properties. The proportion of less than copper alloy, it takes the cost of two to buy three. With oil lubrication, low friction, the use of the environment, the strength and the service life of wear resistance is higher than that of copper alloy. For all kinds of engineering machinery is used to replace the traditional copper alloy bearing,sleeve, slide, worm wheel antifriction materials. And in forging machine,garden machinery, food machinery, water pump, injection molding machine, steel, petroleum, mining, lifting, valve, reducer, traction machine lubricating oil, low temperature, low use of the environment.