Timing belt

Ningbo san min gears  professional equipment to produce timing belt, it can be guarantee the stability of the material, can pass ROSH certification in European and USA. We exported to USA, Europe, Australia and Japan and other countries, guaranteed stability quality and competitive price. The material can have rubber and PU material. Can be open and ring model. The Open model can be 50meters Or more longer per roll. For ring model, need different mold to produce, we have many models to choose.
If you have your corresponding model, please tell us, please contact our EMAIL or SKYPE. We will reply to you asap.
Our models and types can be divided as below kinds:
( xl belt , htd belt,mxl belt,t2.5 t5 t10 belt,gt2 gt3 belt)

PU  Synchronous belt 
Automotive timing belt
Multi-wedge belt
Rubber open timing belt
Double side synchronous belt
Rubber synchronous belt