3D printer pulley and belt (gt2 pulley and gt2 belt )

We produced the high quality timing belt for 3D printer. The rubber timing belt and PU timing belt that used the materials can be up to the standard of Europe ROSH. GT2 timing belt is widely used in the desktop 3D printer.
We can provided the open type synchronous belt. It can be 50 meters per roll. Or more longer. Also Can be ring synchronous belt, but it need a mold to produce, we have the most kinds of GT2 mold, all kinds of specifications we have.
I provided a form that included a part of the GT2 synchronous belt mould, if you need these models, or other models that not in this form, please contact us.
The width of the synchronous belt is customer specified, it is no problem.
If the purchasing quantity is large, we will print your company name and model on the synchronous belt.(only English name)