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Ningbo Sanmin Gears CNC Machinery Factory

Ningbo Sanmin Gears CNC Machinery Factory was founded in the year of 1994. We are specialized in small precision gears, gear shaft,worm ,worm gear, timing pulley ,timing belts ,and CNC machinery Located in the famous e of NINGBO ci cheng, with the most advanced and precision testing equipment available today. There are presently with 20% of professional technicians. They are professional trained from the japanese professors.

We have the capacity to supply the gear of 0.3-10module, outside diameter less than 1000mm. We also produce the gears, micro-gear , rc pinion gear, timing pulley and cnc machinery precision parts. We have been serving clients from the industries of electrical tool, wooden machine, R/C car gears, fishing tool, gear reducer and the motors etc with superior quality products and great communication service.We can also provide customers with assorted surface treatment (eg electroplating, anode, paint spraying etc).


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Supr gear

Ningbo san min gears factory have professional for GRARS product has more than 20 years, with strong experience and ability, use a wide range of materials, from copper, iron and stainless steel, to plastic and so on. The most commonly used is C45, 20CR,40CR, 20CRMOTI, 42MONIMO etc. We can produce 0.2 modle to 10 modle, also can produce DP imperial gear, the most conventional is 48DP, 32DP, 24DP etc. If your have special request, we will need to customized the gear cutting tools. Of course, we also produce the high precision gear, that need grinding processing. Gear precision can also reach level 5-6.

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Supr gear
Timing pulley

Timing pulley

We are specialized to produce for timing pulley, the material can be iron, aluminum, copper, etc., the most common is aluminum that used to wide range. It can be oxidized to different colors. We can do any type pulley. Can produce the pulley according to customer's own design. You can give us the drawings, we will produce it according to your order and drawings.

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Timing belt

Ningbo san min gears professional equipment to produce timing belt, it can be guarantee the stability of the material, can pass ROSH certification in European and USA. We exported to USA, Europe, Australia and Japan and other countries, guaranteed stability quality and competitive price. The material can have rubber and PU material. Can be open and ring model. The Open model can be 50meters Or more longer per roll. For ring model, need different mold to produce, we have many models to choose.

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Timing belt
Our Prodcuts

We are one of the leading suppliers of customized metal parts in China.We provide high quality metal parts with competitive price .

miter gears

Precision Miter Gears: Manufacturing Excellence from San Min Teams

RC pinion gear

High-Quality RC Pinion and Motor Gears: Exported to Europe and USA As an experienced gear manufacturer, we specialize in producing RC PINION GEAR and MOTOR GEAR

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